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AluChef Gastronorm

Gastronorm GN1/1

On average only 1/3 to 1/4 of the weight of traditional cast iron. AluChef is a cast aluminum pot which has an internal coating of highly durable, PFOA free non-stick coating.

The external coating is a high-heat silicon embedded enamel coating. AluChef is induction compatible as well as all other cooking methods. AluChef is oven and dishwasher safe.



AluChef Gastronorm GN1/1 AP-GN1 AP-GN1-LID

53x32 cm Base

53x32 cm Lid







AluChef Gastronorm GN1/1

Gastronorm GN1/1 Colours & Lid

AluChef GN1/1 Pan Divider is a ‘first-of-its-kind’. The pan divider is a removable, water-tight divider designed to work with AluChef Gastronorm GN1/1 giving you the ultimate flexibility. AluChef Pan Divider allows you to scale down buffets or serve multiple products in the same AluChef GN1/1 pan.

GN1/1 Pan Divider

Gastronorm Accessories

You can insert multiple pan dividers into AluChef GN1/1 pan which is perfect for corporate catering, canapés and smaller buffets. Having only one sized pan on offer, the AluChef combination will ensure excellent space savings back of house. Made from food-grade coated steel and silicone, AluChef GN1/1 Pan Divider can be utilised in temperatures up to 200 °C and is dishwasher safe.


GN1/1 Pan Divider AP-GN1-DIVIDER

285 x 50 mm

AluChef GN1/1 Pan Divider

GN1/1 Pan Divider

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