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AluChef Shallow Casseroles

Shallow Casserole Square

AluChef is the ultimate non-stick lightweight cast aluminium casserole pot. On average it is only 1/3 to 1/4 of the weight of a common cast iron casserole pot.


AluChef has everything you need for healthy cooking in your kitchen, due to a highly durable PFOA-free internal coating. Moreover, the external high-heat silicon embedded coating makes AluChef resistant to stains, and perfect for high temperature cooking.

Hard cleaning? Not at all. The highly durable non-stick coating makes the cleaning very easy. With AluChef you will save time & water. A gentle scrub will keep your pota cleaned and in optimal condition. Additionally, AluChef is dishwasher safe.

AluChef is induction and oven compatible as well as all other cooking methods.


AluChef Shallow Casserole Square AP-828

Square 28cm




AluChef Shallow Casserole Square

Shallow Casserole Square Colours

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